How do tarot readers choose which deck to use?

How do tarot readers choose which deck to use?

How Do Tarot Readers Pick Decks

Tarot reading has been a popular method for seeking guidance, insights and predictions for centuries. The deck of cards, with their mysterious symbols and imagery, has captivated believers and skeptics alike. However, what many people do not realize is that there are hundreds of different tarot decks available in the market. Each deck has its own unique style, symbolism and energy. So, how do tarot readers choose which deck to use? The answer is not a simple one and requires a deep understanding of the tarot and the reader’s own intuition.

Not All Decks Are Created Equal

To begin with, it is essential to understand that tarot decks are not created equal. Just like how different artists have their own style and perspective, tarot decks also have their own unique characteristics. Some decks have traditional imagery, while others have a modern interpretation. Some decks are based on specific cultures or mythologies, while others are more universal in their symbolism. These different aspects of a tarot deck can greatly influence a reader’s choice.

For some tarot readers, the choice of deck is purely based on personal preference. They are drawn to a particular deck because they resonate with the artwork or the theme. For example, a reader who has a deep connection with nature and its cycles may be drawn to the Wildwood Tarot, which is based on Celtic mythology and nature-based symbolism. On the other hand, a reader who is interested in Greek mythology may prefer the Mythos Tarot, which uses Greek gods and goddesses as its archetypes.

The choice of deck can also be influenced by the reader’s style of reading. Some readers like to use complex spreads and require decks with a lot of intricate details to support their readings. In contrast, some readers prefer to keep their readings simple and concise, using decks with minimalistic designs. For instance, the Thoth Tarot, with its complex and esoteric symbolism, is a popular choice among readers who follow the Golden Dawn tradition. Whereas, the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, with its straightforward and easily decipherable imagery, is favored by many beginners and those who prefer a more intuitive approach to reading.

Another crucial factor that comes into play while selecting a deck is the reader’s intuitive connection with it. Tarot readers are highly intuitive individuals who are sensitive to energy and vibrations. Just like how a violinist would choose their instrument based on the sound it produces, a tarot reader may choose a deck based on the energy it emits. The reader may hold the deck in their hands, shuffle the cards and see if it speaks to them. Some readers may even meditate with the deck to get a better understanding of its energy.

Furthermore, the purpose of the reading can also determine the choice of deck. Tarot decks are not just used for divination, but they can also be used for meditation, self-discovery, and personal growth. A tarot reader may select a deck based on the specific intention of the reading. For instance, if the reader wants to focus on healing and self-care, they may use the Light Seer’s Tarot, which has a gentle and compassionate energy. Whereas, for a reading on career or financial matters, the Gilded Tarot may be a more suitable choice, with its focus on material success and abundance.

Apart from personal preferences and intuition, tarot readers also take into account the historical and cultural significance of a deck. Many tarot decks are based on ancient civilizations, mythologies, and occult traditions. For example, the Sola Busca Tarot, which is believed to be the oldest surviving tarot deck, is based on the alchemical and hermetic teachings of the Italian Renaissance. The Marseille Tarot, with its simplistic and enigmatic imagery, is a popular choice among traditionalists who follow the Marseille tarot reading method.

Energy Comes Into Play

Many tarot readers also consider the energy of the person they are reading for. Just like how we dress differently for different occasions, tarot readers may use different decks for different clients. For example, a reader may use the Soul Cat Tarot for a lighthearted and playful reading for a friend, but they may choose a more serious and traditional deck, like the Golden Tarot, for a professional reading for a client.

In addition to these factors, the availability and affordability of a deck also play a role in a tarot reader’s choice. Some rare and limited edition decks may be hard to find or be very expensive. In such cases, a reader may opt for a more accessible deck that serves the purpose well. Moreover, some readers may also have a collection of decks and may choose to rotate them depending on their mood or the client’s energy.

So How Do Tarot Readers Pick Their Deck?

The choice of deck for a tarot reader is a deeply personal and intuitive process. It is a combination of personal preferences, intuition, style of reading, purpose of the reading, cultural and historical significance, and the reader’s connection with the deck. A tarot deck is not just a tool for divination, but it is also a reflection of the reader’s personality, beliefs, and experiences. Therefore, it is essential for a reader to choose a deck that resonates with them and allows them to connect with their clients on a deeper level. As the saying goes, “the tarot chooses the reader,” and it is this profound connection between the reader and the deck that creates a powerful and insightful tarot reading experience.

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