45 Minute Tarot Reading with The Love Witch


45 Minute Tarot Reading with The Love Witch

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The Love Witch shares both practical and magical advice during these one-on-one 45 minute tarot readings. Your time with the love witch isn’t just limited to tarot, but can also include magical instruction and guidance, spell suggestions, oracle card readings, manifestation tips and more!

After checkout you will be forwarded to a page where you can select the time for your 45 minute tarot reading.

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45 Minute Tarot Reading with The Love Witch

After checking out you will be forwarded to a page where you can book your 45 minute tarot reading.

The Love Witch offers spiritual readings via Zoom,  Facetime,  phone, and email (in your choice of recorded video, .mp3, or written reading). You’ll choose the type of session you would like and schedule your appointment after checkout.

The Love Witch is a writer, spellcaster, and tarot reader living in New York City. Book with The Love Witch for transformative, uplifting sessions and spell-casting services through phone, Zoom, Facetime and email. Get on the path to building a life and self that you LOVE.

The Following Types of Sessions Are Available with The Love Witch:

  • Tarot or Oracle Readings – The Love Witch has access to dozens of oracle and tarot decks and can combine them for a one of a kind reading.

  • Charm Casting Readings – Divine information with small silver charms, each one loaded with symbolism and meaning

  • Candle Spell Remain Readings – Have you recently burned a candle spell or had one burned for you? Book some time with The Love Witch for additional insight on how your spell went, what the remains are trying to tell you, and suggestions on what you should do next.

  • Magical Coaching and Mentorship – Ready to turn your life around with magic? The Love Witch can help! During a session you can get personalized spell suggestions, advice for a more magical life, and mentorship for a variety of magical goals.

  • Manifestation Coaching – Do you want to find the key to making your manifestations come to fruition fast? Book a 45 minute tarot reading with The Love Witch and use the time for manifestation coaching

  • Spellwork Suggestions – Want to do a spell but don’t know where to start? The Love Witch can provide suggestions for spells that you do yourself or have performed on your behalf.

The Love Witch also offers Spellwork Services through Tarot Support.